Meet The Team


We are Alisha and Roisin. Two sisters and owners of Sew Botanical.
Our small business adventure began life in December 2016 as a hobby-turned-job and has developed into more than we could have ever hoped for. 

We are based in Yorkshire in the UK. We ship all over the world and love sharing our passion of embroidery and art with others.

We offer hand-stitched embroidered artwork and also embroidery kits with everything you need to have a go yourself. In 2021 we started to dabble in acrylic painting which we love! We're so happy to now be able to offer fine art giclée prints on German etching paper of our original artwork and a selection of digital art prints too.

Roisin - Creative Director
I'm in charge of all things design! Painting, illustrating, designing, embroidering - you name it! Alisha usually takes a *deep* breath when I say "ooh I've got an idea!"

After a virus I had in late 2018, I was left with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and Fibromyalgia aged 22. Our business has quite literally kept me sane, helping me to still be able to feel productive despite challenging and limiting health circumstances. 

I love creating things, whatever it may be. I tend to get seriously itchy fingers if I haven't had chance to create for a week or so. 

Alisha - Managing Director
I work part time for Sew Botanical and part time for a charity supporting sight impaired people. I’m in charge of the logistics, customer service, shipping, website and general tasks that come up – there are no two days the same and there is always something to do.

In my spare time, I enjoy lino cutting/print making as a way to relax. I’ve loved travelling to quite a few countries pre-covid and hope to start travelling again someday. For now though, I am really enjoying renovating our 1930’s house and spending time with our two ragdoll cats. I have a great family and friendship group that I am so grateful for.

Roisin (L) and Alisha (R)

Indie has been with Sew Botanical from the very beginning. She is actually 45 in human years but still acts like a kitten and keeps Rory in check. She works in quality control, and often lets us know we need to have a break and play with her.
This sweet boy joined the gang in June 2020 at 11 months old. He is now twice the size of Indie & loves to play. He likes to be as close to the action as possible, sat on our knee preferably, making sure we are working hard.