Though we do not offer a framing service. We have written a helpful guide to aid you in choosing the right frame for your print.

The artwork is chosen, but how to display it?
We know just how confusing it can be to find the right size frame, so we've compiled some advice, our favourite frames and where to buy them!

A mount is a piece of card that sits inside the frame.
A major advantage to using mounts is that you don’t have to find a frame which fits your artwork perfectly. Simply purchase a frame (or reuse one you already have!) which is larger than the artwork, then cut a piece of mount board to fit.
If you don’t fancy cutting the mount yourself, you could support a local framers near you, who will be able to do it.

As our prints come in traditional prints sizes, rather than A sizes, you may need to trim your art ever so slightly to fit into a frame, if you buy a frame by cm rather inches.

For eg. A frame of 40cm by 50cm is equivalent to 15 3/4" by 19 5/8"

If you do need to slightly trim your print to out into your frame, please remember to trim from both sides of your print to keep it even and centre in the frame.

Poster Hangers are a great option to consider when displaying your artwork. They are usually made of thin wooden strips with magnets that are easily assembled on each side of the print. They can be found easily by searching 'poster hangers' in Google.

H&M Home & Zara are amazing places to find lots of options for your frame needs! This option is great when you desire a certain look, but don't want to pay the earth.

Habitat offer a very large variety of incredibly reasonable, quality frames. The Ontario Oak line is one our favourites, £20 for a large solid wood frame? Yes please!

HABITAT 8 × 10 (20 × 25cm)

HABITAT 16 × 20 (40 × 50cm)

BGA Store are a great one stop shop for prints. The amount of sizes they offer is hands down one of the best we've seen, and the prices? You'll want to run to the checkout.

BGA STORE 20 × 25cm (8 × 10")

BGA STORE 40 × 50cm (16 × 20")

Wilko - the unsung hero of frames! The range of frames they stock in size, colour and finishes is honestly quite astonishing - an underdog of the british high street.

WILKO 8 × 10

WILKO 16 × 20

The Range
If you're lucky enough to live near one of these treasures troves, you probably already know why it's in the list. They offer an incredibly huge variety of frames & mounts in both A sizes and traditional print sizes, so you're bound to find what you're looking for!

Some other places to find great frames:
John Lewis
Poster Store

Based Internationally?
Please send us an email if you have found great frames for our artwork, so that we can put it here to help others out!